END/RMX – New remix album

END/RMX is out on Friday May 6th, 2022.

END/RMX is a collection of remixes and reworks of tracks from last years “Forever Endeavor” album. Eight artists working in different sonic fields have remixed and in some cases reworked the tracks into entirely new pieces of music.

Remixers include Varsity Star, Missqulater, Noosfære, Spejderrobot, Mikael Tobias, Natdyr, Laomo Sik and Zack Christ.

All proceeds from sales will be donated to the ICRC to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine.




I have decided that all proceeds from sales of my latest album for the time being will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross who are on the ground providing desperately-needed humanitarian aid to people in Ukraine.

100% of revenue from physical/digital albums and single tracks will be donated. All support is deeply appreciated.


Modular Icons

I did sound design for Modular Icons, a new Kontakt Instrument from Native Instruments developed in conjunction with the Bob Moog Foundation. It includes sounds from acclaimed artists such as Jean-Michael Jarre, created using their very own vintage hardware. Check out the product link below for more info and have a listen to the second demo on the product page to hear what I made with it:

modular icons


“…they produce an original sound you don’t hear every day. Fragile compositions and a musical interaction that is so delicate that you hardly dare listen in fear that it will all crumble!” – Jan Granlie (Salt Peanuts)

“Tundra” the debut album from Natdyr is out February 22 on my label Unit Shifter. I recorded and mixed the album together with Mads and Martin from Natdyr. We will be celebrating the release at Literaturhaus in Copenhagen where Natdyr, Frans Bak + Spejderrobot and Mikael Tobias will play live sets accompanied by visuals from Christoffer Birkkjær.

Sort Symfoni

Sort Symfoni by Frans Bak is out today on vinyl and digital on my label Unit Shifter. The album consists of previously unreleased music originally written for a film score. The music was recorded with the Swedish Radio Symphony and features danish electronica artist Spejderrobot on production. Read more, listen and buy the album here:

Roland TR-727

I have made a series of tracks over the course of the last couple of months which all stem from the same principle: to make a new track using only sounds from one source. The source in these cases have been Rolands famous series of drum machines produced in the 80’s, the TR-707, TR-727 and TR-808 to be exact. The idea was spawned from Ableton user group in Copenhagen, and it turned out to an interesting challenge to make complete tracks using nothing but drum samples. The second one using only Roland TR-727 sounds, this is the latin percussion version of the TR-707:


I have written a new piece, showcasing the potential of another great instrument for SonicCouture. This one is called Konkrete, and it is a drum and percussion instrument for electronic music. The piece I have written utilizes percussive samples of the GuZheng, which is a is a traditional Chinese instrument dating from the Qin dynasty, along with some other great SonicCouture instruments. The product should be available for purchase at the SonicCouture website before the end of january. I will post a link to some audio soon.

Konkrete 3 is now available. It’s an awesome instrument for creating cool electronic beats. There is 90 different drum kits available. One of them is called Guzheng2, and that’s the one I used to create this demo for Soniccouture.